Daltonizer is a color blindness simulator application that uses the camera device.icon daltonizer daltonism simulator android

It can be used to illustrate how the color blind see the world or to ensure that the colors you choose for a work can be seen by a color-blind person.

Several color modes are included, including Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. The app also allows you to compare color blindness with normal vision by using a split-screen view.

daltonizer application android
Strawberries example

daltonizer application android
Ishihara plates example


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Daltonism correcter

icon daltonism correcter android

Are you color blind? Try the Color blindness correction app.

Color blindness correction is an augmented reality application that enhances images to make areas confused by color-blind people visible.

It also provides a color-naming feature.

Image processing is done in real-time by using pictures from the device camera. It is possible to process any other still pictures as well!

All the color-blindness types are supported. Several correction modes are proposed like color correction and edges detection.


daltonism correcter android
Color blind vision simulation

daltonism correcter android
Shape highlighting

daltonism correcter android
Help on Ishihara plates

daltonism correcter android
Help to pick strawberries

daltonism correcter android
Color changing and naming

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