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Solve arrowword, crossword, sudoku and takuzu puzzles right on your smartphone or tablet.

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Featuresgrid games android

  • Crosswords, takuzu, sudoku in the same app!
  • Auto-save
  • Get a hint or the complete solution when you want
  • Check for errors
  • Save multiple states of a puzzle to try different possibilities
  • Pencil marks (sudoku)
  • Pinch to zoom (or double tap)
  • Search a word on the Internet
  • Multiple difficulty levels


Des centaines de grilles sont déjà disponibles :

  • Mote than 200 arrowword puzzles in English, 200 in French and 30 in Italian
  • Mote than 400 crossword puzzles in English and 100 in French
  • Mote than 600 sudoku puzzles
  • Mote than 500 takuzu puzzles

Many puzzles are regularly added.

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